Micro load cell 2kg micro load sensor 20N micro weight sensor 5 lb

Micro load cell 2kg micro load sensor 20N micro weight sensor 5 lb

Micro load cell FMZT is a weight transducer that converts mechanical load into electrical signal proportional to the applied force or weight.The measured load or force causes deformation of the measuring element(elastic body),the bonded strain gauge deforms accordingly which will cause the impedance variation of the wheatstone bridge,under constant power supply, the output signal changes proportionally, thus the weight or force can be measured by measuring the output signal from the load cell.Small size load cell sensor FMZT offers 2kg rated capacities with maximum 0.1% non-linearity of the rated output,1000 ohms strain gauges are used to minimize the power consumption which makes it suitable for weighing electronics where durability matters.With 30mm total length,mini load cell FMZT makes weight measurement for applications with limited mounting space possible. Small size load sensor FMZT weighs only 3.3g thanks to its compact size and aluminum construction which makes it applicable for portable weighing devices. Miniature size, high accuracy, miniature size, light weight, low cost, you may find load cell sensor FMZT suitable for weighing applications such as coffe machine weight measurement,vending machine weight monitoring,warehouse weight management, arduino based weighing instruments,packaging machines, feeding machines and so on. Besides the standard specifications, Forsentek is also capable of and willing to provide custom made solutions according to clients' specific requirements.

micro load cell 2kg


Capacity 2kg(20N)
Rated output 0.7 mV/V
Excitation 3-6V
Zero balance ±0.1mV/V
Nonlinearity ±0.1% R.O.
Hysteresis ±0.1% R.O.
Nonrepeatability ±0.1% R.O.
Creep(2min) ±0.1% R.O.
Safe overload 150% F.S.
Ultimate overload 200% F.S.
Compensated temperature 0...+25oC
Operating temperature -10...+40oC
Temperature shift zero ±0.2% R.O./oC
Temperature shift span ±0.01% R.O./oC
Input resistance 1000±100 ohms
Output resistance 1000±10 ohms
Insulation resistance >2000M ohms
Ingress protection IP50
Material of element Aluminum alloy


(Longer cable upon request)

Wiring code

Red--E+ Black--E-

Green--S+ White--S-


Micro load cell 2kg micro load sensor 20N micro weight sensor 5 lb

micro load sensor 2kg
Dimensions(Unit in "mm")

micro weight sensor 2kg
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Micro load cell

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