50000Nm torque transducer 30000Nm torque sensor 20000Nm torque measurement

50000Nm torque transducer 30000Nm torque sensor 20000Nm torque measurement

Reaction torque transducer FT03 is made of high stiffness alloy steel based on strain gauge technology,flange-to-flange torque transducer FT03 delivers mV/V signal from wheatstone bridge bonded on a specially machined body,in-house calibration certificate in both clockwise and anticlockwise will be provided to guarantee the sensor performance,mating connector and mating cable is included.Flange to flange design makes it easy to mount FT03 to existing strutures.Torque load cell FT03 is available in a very wide measuring range from 200NM up to 100kNm,you may find FT03 suitable for applications such as motor torque measurement,test bench applications,screw driver calibration,fatigue testing,twist measurement,motor dynamometers,actuator test as so on.Besides the standard specifications,Forsentek is also capable of and willing to provide custom design service to meet requirements of different applications.
50000NM torque transducer 30000Nm


Capacity 20kNM 30kNM 40kNM 50kNM
Rated output 1.5mV/V
Excitation 3-15V
Zero balance ±2% R.O.
Nonlinearity <0.5% R.O.
Hysteresis <0.5% R.O.
Nonrepeatability <0.2% R.O.
Creep(10min) ±0.1% R.O.
Safe overload 150% F.S.
Ultimate overload 200% F.S.
Compensated temperature -10...+40oC
Operating temperature -20...+60oC
Temperature shift zero ±0.02% R.O./oC
Temperature shift span ±0.02% R.O./oC
Input resistance 1020±100 ohms
Output resistance 1020±10 ohms
Insulation resistance >5000M ohms
Ingress protection IP62
Material of element Alloy steel
Cable Ø5.5*3000mm
Wiring code Red--E+ Green--E- Yellown--S+ White--S-


Flange to flange reaction torque transducer 20kNm 30kNm 40kNm 50kNm

30000Nm torque measurement 20000Nm

Dimensions(unit in milimeter)

30000nm torque sensor 20000nm

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